Patricia Gaudet

Healing for Wholeness, Well-Being and Health


  • Support the healing of fractured bones
  • Strengthen the immune system to support healing from illnesses

Emotional / Mental

  • Support clarity of thinking and decision making
  • Reduce anxiety and facilitate a relaxation response to better manage stress
  • Support the release of anger and increase the desire to forgive
  • Effectively deal with grief from the loss of a beloved one


  • Support a sense of connection with Higher Self and Higher Power
  • Relieve anxiety of dying and deepen faith in a loving Creator

I have been helped so very much by Patricia’s practice and to hear her insights.  Her Reiki and Healing Touch treatments have helped me with physical and emotional issues I really didn’t understand.  Her offices are clean and professional – and she really listens well. Always a bright spot in my day.

Patricia’s careful approach to Healing Touch and Reiki is professional, considerate and insightful.  I have sought out her services to address prolonged pain and headaches.  Her dedication to her healing arts is clear in all her interventions and treatments.  Thanks as always Patricia.

Thank you very much for the “Healing Touch” treatment you game me.  The treatment was very beneficial to rebalance my chakras for a better coordination and balance of my whole body and spirit.  Also, thank you for the message you gave me from the divine spirits as it was timely received.

I wanted to thank you again for the fabulous treatment and message from the guides. It helped me a lot. I have a lot less tension in the jaws !!

You were bang on !!

Patricia Gaudet has a gift of intuitive writing. Of course, at that time I had no clue what she was really doing. My only concern was to feel just a little better, because I was overwhelmed and feeling like I was slowly being swallowed into quicksand!

Yes, last year was extremely difficult, specifically, with extended family issues.  On five separate occasions, over the course of the year, Patricia did an intuitive reading for me. Each time it was life expanding that gave more hope, clarity, and certainty for myself.

I would sit down and over a couple of days, think of five questions on an issue that I was concerned, troubled or confused about; and e-mail them to Patricia. This was a good exercise to help me get clearer on what I really wanted to ask each time.  She would reply by e-mail with the answers to my questions. However, Patricia is very capable and willing to sit across from you to do the intuitive writing from your questions right then and there.

What really amazed me about her work, is that she had no previous knowledge of the issue that she was “intuitively writing” about; yet the answers always made so much sense to me, to what was going on in my life!

I’m grateful and highly recommend Patricia. I for one am glad I turned to her “intuitive writing”, as Patricia has helped me.

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